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Joe Hallett

I am an author, artist, and a brewer Living in Everett, Washington USA.

I have always been a creative person. Creating is a part of my being, whether it is writing a story or drawing a picture; it is part of my core. I recently published my first novel “Emergence Collective” On Amazon Kindle and paperback, and in the process of writing the sequel.

I can be reached at the usual social media places, and check out my etsy site for some of my artwork. Thank you for stopping by!

Itch part two.

Part two. Of course this is flash fiction a rough draft, unedited. I wanted to get the meat of it down, and I’ll file it into the category of “Ill work on it more later.” He felt as if he was aiming for every pothole and bump in the dirt road. Not slowing for corners,… Continue reading Itch part two.

Itch (working title)

Had to get this out, even though its not my WIP. But after a nice camping trip, this story came to mind. CAUTION Graphic content ahead, you have been warned Itch Part 1.                 Bruno drove down the unpaved road probably faster than he should have been. The tires splashed water from deep potholes far… Continue reading Itch (working title)

One thought on “About me

  1. I consider myself to have a large vocabulary. I chuckle to myself as I searched out a couple words. As, I did run across a few I’d never seen before.

    I enjoy learning so found it fun.


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