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The beginners mind

Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginners mind”. I have always loved the concept. Looking at the world from the innocence of a child’s point of view, I think, is one of the best ways to approach it. I don’t mean the naivety, but the wonder and openness that comes with that. Anything is possible. I like to think that I have a beginners mind when it comes to writing. I have mentioned before about “My process” (more of “do I have a process?”), But I strive to write to be genuine and original. When I buckle down and write, I tend to avoid reading/listening to other people’s fiction to not be influenced unless it is researching genre, not content or style. Keeping my mind free from influence is a conscious decision, challenging to be sure, but it’s on purpose.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have many preconceptions of what it is to tell a good story or, literally, how to write. Why lucky? Because I don’t have bad habits yet (or that I am aware of), and I am constantly learning and honing my craft.


No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Its been a few days since I posted. Im currently doing training for work out of state and I thought I would have time to write some of the sequel, post in the blog daily and basically not miss a beat. Pro tip, Aerospace is complicated and training is intensive. Its literally rocket science, so you can get what Im saying. Lots of “homework ” and not much sleep, so everything I planned is out the door. I should be back to my regular routine Monday (but im not planning on it) lol


Recognizing a kindred spirit.

I went to a Joh Mayor concert recently. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert and it was a lot of fun, even though it wasn’t my favorite artist. Got free tickets to see him, and even though I’m, not a big fan, why waste the free club seat tickets. (By the way, if you ever get a chance to see a concert or game with club seating you won’t be disappointed) The show was fine, he does what he does on stage and played the usual hit songs from his catalog. At the end of the show, before a few encore performances of fan-favorite songs he did a little monolog.

This is where I had an interesting thing happen to me. As I mentioned I am not a fan of the guy, I enjoy his music well enough, (I won’t even change the channel when he comes on) However, during his monolog,I saw something that I had never consciously saw in a performer before. His monolog was brief and was about how the fans over time has keeped the songs alive and that reinvigorates (Im paraphrasing here) his passion to create and perform. While its not specific to John Mayor or what he said,but more of a recognition of the artistic kindred spirit. I saw not a performer, but an artististic soul. I was actually moved by the sentiment, because (I know that he most like has the same script for every performance) I could feel the genuine sincerity of it. I felt the kindred spirit in a fellow artist.

I did not, have a spiritual experience at a John Mayor concert (Id likely get my ass kicked if my friends heard that) I’m metal, Im a rocker so none of that! But seriously, I felt something in myself that has that genuine need to create, for myself, but also for the joy I can give to the world (hopefully) Thats why I am here to hopefully give a little break from the mundane reality let you escape.