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Audible Update

Here is another Audible update. If you have been keeping score, they are averaging every 2 weeks or so (but don’t put any money on that bet because of the human factor. (me, I’m the human and I am not super consistent) it is every 2 weeks or so because every other friday is D&D session and the DM is the voice actor) I leave him alone and not really discuss the progress much between sessions mostly because If I don’t regulate my excitement I will drive him crazy asking if he has any progress.

So, no progress. Life has a way of mocking me. He is enthusiastic and talented but like most of us has a day job and a private life that takes priority over vanity projects. However as mocking as life is, it is also cruel and indiscriminate in its curve balls that it throws you. This one is that a close friend of his recently passed away, and some health issues are still hanging about. I guess I will keep waiting. But as soon as I got something I will definitely post it! Thanks for visiting!

Emergence Collective · writing

Breaking news!

I am excited at least. I hope it is not too anticlimactic. I have the working title for the sequel to “Emergence Collective,” but as I get deeper into the story, the working title seemed to be the title. An organic fit.

I am officially announcing “Emergence, Ascended” as the sequel’s name. Coming… eventually. WIP right? Writing Emergence Collective took a long time, mostly because I shelved it for several years. I wrote myself into a plot hole corner, and it took a lot of contemplating to fix; then I became a dad, and that took over my life for a few years (it is easier now that I can sleep and he can wipe his own butt now). But once I got the ball rolling again,  the rest of the book went pretty fast. I am a slow writer (sometimes, sometimes I will blow through several thousand words and not even realize it.) then, I will just think about how I will braid the narrative into a coherent story.

Emergence, Ascended is going about that pace, but I am making steady progress, and I hope those out there are actually excited for the release (no date yet, sorry). If you are not excited yet, it’s because you haven’t read the first book. Aren’t you curious?